Our Footprints

We are from you and for you!

With humble beginning, we wanted to create a platform that will serve justice to all the shoppers on the internet. We desired to provide the best of quality products in harmony with affordable price. We are the creators who can agree that our vision was different. Average service was below our average expectation. We inspired to be the best and not just a shopping website. So we asked the question to ourselves that "How to be the best?"- The answer we found, the customers should always be treated at their best. No matter how big the storm is, we will blow you with our service more than the winds of the storm can. With all these visions in heart, the birth of Hublead took place, the very platform where you are in at the moment. We started not to end deals but to open relationships, to build connections and as mentioned before to serve the best with the best that we have. Therefore we would like to reveal the secret that the company was opened by us but brought to action by the customers because of your needs so it's you who is the proud owner of this website and even of the products that you will own from Hublead. 

                                         If we try to see the main difference between today's market and today's customer is the string that cannot be connected due to the arrogance of the market owners. Even we are customers, and in fact every market owner has been a customer once but why is it that they cannot bring the sweetness and sufficiency for the customers while buying from them? It is because though they have been a customer but not experimental in selling the customers as a real customer. This was the thought that was kindled in one of our executives mind which we decided to bring into action. And our website brings it to action. We not only offer you best in class products with cheap price but also give charity to a chain of NGO's helping in child study program because as you know-They are the future. We dream to teaching as much as we as can just like we are learning from others, and this teaching is not intellectual but experimental that is applied in the personal lives. It has been a good journey till now and we want to say that the consequences were more effectual than the desired margin. We have seen the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the sides and curves, out of all we got to see what we really wanted and that was the customer satisfaction. 

                                    We have not stopped to evolve ourselves. We look forward to update ourselves as the world jumps into a new era of artificial intelligence(Sophia), inter-planetary civilization(Space X) and many more. Opportunities are huge but the laborers are few. So we call the future leaders to join us in this journey to ours as we jump to the future. As our motto goes- Be the learner of the past, idol of the present and the live vision of the future.